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Random on a Tuesday

  • My youngest sister, Melinda, died at 25 on January 14, 2011.
  • We drove to Anchorage for a small memorial service for her, held on Friday, January 21, 2011.
  • It’s got me mourning my mother all over again.
  • The kids got to play with Grandpa, cousins Faith, Caleb, and Vicky, Aunts Jessie, Tasha, & Sandee, and Uncle Darrell.
  • We took family photos at my parents’ house, courtesy of Sandee Rice Photography.
  • Back at the hotel, we took the kids down to the swimming pool.  They had a blast.
  • The chlorine in the pool did crazy tightening things to the dreads forming at the back of my head.
  • Bouncing Bears is the coolest place to get kids worn out before a long road trip.
  • The living room floor is the greatest place to roll around after many long hours cooped up in car seats.
  • The wolf and the orca share the same animal spirit in Yup’ik lore.  These are the two animals I debated between in trying to identify the animal essence of my youngest child River.  JR is a polar bear.  Camilla is a lynx/mountain lion/fox.
  • I’ve spun 4 oz of a pinkish-purplish wool/alpaca batt by Bohoknitterchic Spins into 400+ yards of a fingering weight single.  Melinda loved pink.  I’m going to knit a shawl out of this yarn.
  • I’m knee-deep in laundry that needs to be done before we leave Thursday night on vacation.
  • I get a kitten after we get back.  It will go nicely with the litter box and cat food I got from John for Christmas.
  • I’m planning on getting tattooed in San Antonio and Chicago during the next couple of weeks.
  • I’ll be starting a Little Acorn Learning curriculum for JR and Camilla after our trip.  I’m excited.
  • I definitely need to get back to daily workouts.  They’ve fallen by the wayside with a marked increase in fibro pain.
  • I nearly forgot how comfortable Vans are until I bought a new pair the other day.
  • I am very clearly doing anything possible to avoid laundry and packing.
  • I have to start all that now, before Thursday gets here.


Toy Talk

I got JR a new toy last Friday. It’s a Thomas the Train Water Tower Figure 8 train set, and we’ve set it up on a coffee table in his room upstairs. He LOVES it. We first saw this in the children’s book section of Barnes & Noble in Fairbanks, and as much as he loves the set-up there at B&N, I couldn’t resist getting him a set of his own. I’m excited about getting him more train pieces, and I just love watching him walk his train around the track!

Thomas the Train Water Tower Figure 8 Train Set

Thomas the Train Water Tower Figure 8 Train Set

I’m thinking of getting him this train set for his birthday. MikeBToys does fantastic work. I bought a few handmade trucks from him, and they are some of JR’s favorites. Doesn’t this set look fantastic?

Our musical genius

We got a little guitar for JR the other night. He loves it!! He puts it in his lap (since the strap is too big for him), strums it, and sings little Jellybean songs. It’s the most precious thing in the world, and I’m definitely going to try to get it on video soon.

Up and up!

And then we go up!

We leave Thursday night.  Someone want to come pack for me???  Or clean my house so it’s nice and spotless when we come home at the end of the month?

JR is feeling better.  Of course, now that I’ve declared that he’s going to have stuff coming out of every orifice and will spew green stuff like Reagan on The Exorcist.  Leave it to me to tempt fate like that.

I rearranged the living room & bedroom yesterday.  It was simple (and I didn’t overdo it, so calm down) but made a huge impact on the feel of the rooms.  The tv doesn’t feel like the centerpiece of the living room anymore, which makes me happy.  JR’s toys are more prominent, and laid out so much more orderly, and as a result have seen more playtime than they usually do.  He’s even putting them away as he’s done with them, for the most part, which is so much more than he was doing before.  I’m hoping that displaying them more prominently, thereby showing them more respect, inspires him to treat them the same way.  I also moved most of the plastic stuff so that his educational, natural, & wooden toys are seeing the most action.  I think I’ll be slowly transforming our home into a Montessori-style prepared environment for him, as best I can before Milla comes.

I really should be doing more laundry & getting started on packing, but I’m sitting here trying to brainstorm what to make the ladies for our craft swap.  I’m doing a holiday craft swap in Texas with the wives of my husband’s old friends, and I’ve just run out of time to get anything knit or crocheted for them, so I’m drawing a blank.  Think think think.  Maybe channeling Pooh Bear will help me out.  Maybe not.

I had a ton of stuff that I was supposed to get done, craft-wise, before leaving AK, but I just have to suck it up and admit that it’s not getting done.  I’m sorry.  Kalli, Trinity, Karo, Jen — I’m sorry.  I hope you forgive me.

I’m running out of time to get stuff done for MIlla too.  I’m almost 30 weeks along(!!!) and seriously need to get cranking on stuff for her before she gets here.  This pregnancy is going so quickly!

Ok, I need to do the dishes & make lunch.

Handmade Wooden Toys

I just received an order from Mike’s Toys on Etsy — a set of three trucks.  I ordered a different truck from him last month, and JR just LOVES these things.

The way he squealed with joy when I opened the package, and how he’s been happily playing with his trucks ever since makes it worth every single dime and then some.

I can’t wait to buy more from this guy!  He has a six-car 5+foot-long handmade wooden train set that I am going to be saving up to get.  I also can’t wait to get him the wooden numbers, fire truck, and plane.  And, well, absolutely everything this guy makes!  If you have littles, you should get them something from Mike’s Toys too!!!

Schleich Toys

Because I forgot to post a link or pictures.

Link to what we bought: http://www.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=1118655

Toy Frenzy

Ok. I think I’m officially in love with the Schleich toy collection.

At Joann’s yesterday, I came across some animal figurines. I got two — a Freisian horse and an elephant — for JR because he loves animals.

Holy amazingness, did they go over well! JR LOVES them!

We just ordered an 8 piece farm life set, and I can’t wait for them to get here!

I’ve just spent a ton of time browsing the Schleich site oogling all the other cool animals they have.

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