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It’s about time! RT @maddow 65-31. It’s Dead. #DADT

Thank you, Senate. “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” is dead.

I created this image below to celebrate this history. You can find it on numerous objects (t-shirts, stickers, mugs, etc.) in my CafePress shop. Wear with pride.

Ask. Tell. You can now.

Special Comment by Keith Olbermann

History Made

So excited, so amazed, so thrilled, watching my son say “Look! President!”

Not-So-Great Birthday Present for Uncle Ted

Today is Ted Stevens’ 85th birthday. I wonder if the old windbag has enough hot air in him to blow out all those candles.

I already know he’s not getting what he wants for his birthday.


See ya, Ted.

Hey, maybe now that he’s been convicted AND has lost his seat, they’ll finally remove his name from the Anchorage International Airport.

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