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Camilla can now sit up by herself! Check it out! One day after she turned six months old, she sat up all by herself. ♥

I just sat up!

I just sat up!

Look at me!  I'm sitting up!

Look at me! I'm sitting up!

Summer Pictures

He loves his dump trucks and rocks

He loves his dump trucks and rocks

Exploring the backyard with Buffle

Exploring the backyard with Buffle

Tires are fun

Tires are fun

On the walkway built by Uncle Darrell

On the walkway built by Uncle Darrell

Exersaucer entertainment... love that smile.

Exersaucer entertainment... love that smile.

Poor baby

My poor baby woke up this morning with a nose full of icky green boogers. He was feeling a little out of sorts yesterday, and I can see that today, he’s just not 100%. He looks like he feels icky but still wants to play, so he appears to be taking a low-key approach to things. I hope he gets to feeling better. Moreover, I hope I don’t get what he has right before I’m about to give birth. I hate being sick as it is; I don’t want to add going into labor on top of that. I’m sure I’d be downright unpleasant company at that point.

I’m coming up on my 30th birthday. I think that’s the first time I’ve written that out. I’ve been telling John that I’m going to be 29 for the next 15 to 20 years. I used to have a lot of hangups about turning 30. I still may have a few, but for the most part it just seems like another birthday.

I’ve also set up Buffle to be boarded at this kennel in Fairbanks, provided I don’t go into labor before Friday, that is. She’s got an appointment Friday to get shots and whatnot, and then the kennel told me (after I explained my imminent labor) that they would accommodate my labor and our dog. Thanks so much!

As for the about-to-be-born, she’s really weighing heavily on me. I had the hardest time sleeping last night because the weight of my uterus just seemed to hurt, no matter what position I was in. I still managed to wake feeling fully rested, despite the interrupted sleep, and I know that’s because we’re now sleeping on this gorgeous new king size bed we just got. It’s divine. We bought it Friday, then made a family field trip on Saturday in a U-Haul to pick it up. JR loved it, and Saturday was just a great day overall.

I had this total urge to clean the entire house yesterday and bake a million things, but just couldn’t muster the energy for it. John was beyond awesome and did a lot of the cleaning for me. He had also taken JR to the grocery store, where JR pushed around a little toddler sized cart. I wish he’d gotten pictures of it.

We’re really enjoying the last few days we have as just the three of us.

Our musical genius

We got a little guitar for JR the other night. He loves it!! He puts it in his lap (since the strap is too big for him), strums it, and sings little Jellybean songs. It’s the most precious thing in the world, and I’m definitely going to try to get it on video soon.

Goodbye, Stevens…

…don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

State of Alaska Division of Elections Results page

Earlier today, the lead was 3 votes. That was me, my husband, and my best friend. Every vote counts.

Every vote counts. Absolutely amazing.

By the way, this is blog post 100. Neat.

So precious

JR never ceases to amaze me.

Daddy and I were in an absolute state of bliss last night when, out of nowhere, JR started laughing in his sleep. This went on for a couple minutes. Hearty belly laughs, with a huge smile on his face. Completely asleep.

Oh, what I would give to see his beautiful baby dreams.

Follow-up from Saturday night…

…the boy still won’t sleep. It’s godawful infuriating. And being pg/hormonal I’m impatient already, so lack of sleep and personal time is wearing my nerves thin.

These two-year molars better make their appearance damn soon, because this teething crap has gone on long enough.

They should just be born with teeth.

Toddler Milestone

It happened on Saturday.

JR asked me, “Why?” With definite sass in his tone.


I was speechless. John laughed, moreso at me.

And now I don’t even remember what I was telling him beforehand. He hasn’t said it again since, yet.

Not yet. I know it’s coming.

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