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(I’ll be back with 30 Days of Truth tomorrow-ish.  Just wanted to note this.  Workout: Complete, 20 minutes.  30 Day Shred 1, day 3 in.a.row!  Liking the burn I’m feeling.)

My guys (John and JR) got a much-needed haircut by me tonight, followed by showery freshness.  River practiced keeping his balance sitting up.  John went to bed in hopes of chasing away his chest cold.  Camilla fell asleep on the early side.  JR, River, and I hung out in the living room before they decided to go to sleep before midnight.

I thought about mama, and how we would call each other at midnight each new year, just to check in with each other.  I miss you, mama.  I thought about new year’s eves of past, shook my head, and said a prayer of thanks for my life today.  Sleep eluded me, so I came back out to the living room to do my workout as nearby fireworks rang in the new year.

New.  New goals.  New outlook.  New habits.  New hope.  This year, I’m going to reveal a new me.

Happy New Year.  May you find the newness you seek.

My boys

are going to look exactly alike.

Here they both are, wearing the same exact Columbia fleece romper, almost 4 years apart.  Click to enlarge.

River, December 26, 2010

JR, January 4, 2007

It’s about time! RT @maddow 65-31. It’s Dead. #DADT

Thank you, Senate. “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” is dead.

I created this image below to celebrate this history. You can find it on numerous objects (t-shirts, stickers, mugs, etc.) in my CafePress shop. Wear with pride.

Ask. Tell. You can now.

Holiday Spirit

Camilla’s got the holiday spirit! Here she is behind our Christmas tree, which is largely bare of ornamentation because she and JR can’t keep their hands off of it. So we’re leaving the pre-lit tree pretty much as it is. We’re good with that. Some things you just have to accept when you have small children. Happy holidays!

Camilla behind our Christmas tree. (Photo by John McDonald, Nov. 30, 2010.)


Another reason I love living in Alaska. She’s just hanging out in our side frontyard.

Photo by John McDonald


The letter A

My little boy is so proud that I’ve taught him to write the letter A. The letter B is a bit more tricky, but it’s in the works.

Let It Snow!

One of the oh-so-many reasons I love living in Alaska:

JR & Camilla, catching snowflakes (photo taken by John, November 2010)


River is trying to crawl. He’s 4 months old — someone tell him to slow things down! He’s awfully damn adorable though. See for yourself.

I can lift my upper body! (11/9/10)

Whassat? (11/9/10)

Hi!!!! (11/9/10)

Happy Halloween!

This year, I took the two older kids trick-or-treating up and down our street. They had a lot of fun, were extremely adorable, and were overjoyed about their candy loot. I have a feeling that JR will be asking to go trick-or-treating every day for a while to come.

JR & Camilla, Halloween 2010

River, Halloween 2010

Growing Up

The kids were looking for John when they first woke up today. Here’s one interaction.

JR: Where’s daddy?
Me: At work.
JR: *sigh*
Me: He’ll be home in 3 tomorrows.
JR: *sigh* I know. It’s ok. I take care of you.

I almost cried.

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