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Four More Years

I am proud that we have re-elected Barack Obama for four more years.

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There’s the door…

I am a thirty-something woman.  I am a queer woman of color, married to a caucasian man.  I am mother to three beautiful, intelligent, precious, mixed race children.  I am a liberal.  Not long ago in our country’s history, my marriage would have been illegal, my children illegitimate, my voice meaningless and unwelcome.  I wonder sometimes if things truly are so different today.

I have a voice.  I have the right to vote.  I exercise that right every election I am privy to because our political/governmental system is flawed, yet is the only one in place, so I use it.  Governmental regulations of a person’s rights have a direct impact on the quality of life said person/groups of persons can achieve.  Electing people to office who want to limit or deny a person’s rights is tantamount to saying that said persons are lesser individuals.

Come tell me personally that I shouldn’t be allowed to speak my mind.  Come tell me that I’m not as important of a person as you.  Come tell me that a corporation has more rights to personhood than I do.  Stand here, face to face with me, and tell me that you want to officially strip me of my potential, that you want to limit opportunities for my children, or that you want to legalize and standardize your hatred and bigotry.

I am not a second-class citizen because of my race, gender/gender identification, sexual orientation, creed, weight, height, taste in music, or sense of humor.  Except, socially speaking, I kind of am.  I’ve been marginalized and/or stigmatized all my life — because of my gender, my heritage, my childhood neighborhood, my intelligence level, my weight, my appearance, my religion, my lack thereof, my sexual orientation/experiences/history, my right to say no, my right to choose, my belief in evolution, my battles with depression and anxiety, my battles with addiction and alcoholism, my ever-ailing health.

So far, I’ve survived everything people have thrown at me and, more amazingly, everything I’ve done to my own damn self.  I’m still standing (with a cane, but still fucking standing).  I am just as much a person as you are.

If you don’t think so, we can stop being friends.  A while back, I had to face losing “friends” over beliefs.  I’m prepared to lose more.  This tends to happen every election season.  I’ve been bracing for a thinning of the ranks.

I have to lay some groundwork here, I suppose.  For example, if you believe in hell and you believe that I am going to burn eternally in it for who I am and/or what I’ve done, but you want to pretend that you can get past that, we pretty much can’t be friends.  Also, if you believe that I am less of a person, entitled to fewer rights than you, because of who I am and/or what I’ve done, yet you want to pretend that you can breeze over that, we pretty much can’t be friends.

I am not less than you.  And I am not going away.

There’s the door… Please feel free to see yourself the fuck out if you don’t like it.

Not-So-Great Birthday Present for Uncle Ted

Today is Ted Stevens’ 85th birthday. I wonder if the old windbag has enough hot air in him to blow out all those candles.

I already know he’s not getting what he wants for his birthday.


See ya, Ted.

Hey, maybe now that he’s been convicted AND has lost his seat, they’ll finally remove his name from the Anchorage International Airport.

Casting Call for the Election

The hubby and I were talking tonight about who we would cast in a movie about the election. Here’s what we came up with. Enjoy.

Obama — Denzel, Cuba, Will Smith

Michelle — Tonya Lee Williams

McCain — James Caan, Michael Cain

Cindy — Jennifer Garner

Cheney — Chevy Chase

Edwards — Edward Norton

Clinton — Diane Keaton, Diane Wiess

Bill Clinton — Darrell Hammond from SNL

Bush — Matt Damon, Dana Carvey

Huckabee — Tommy Lee Jones

Fred Thompson as himself

Richardson — Carlos Mencia, Graham Greene

Ron Paul — Steve Martin, Dana Carvey

Romney — Daniel Day Lewis

Tim Russert — John C Reilly, Bill Murray

Ted Stevens — Anthony Hopkins

Goodbye, Stevens…

…don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

State of Alaska Division of Elections Results page

Earlier today, the lead was 3 votes. That was me, my husband, and my best friend. Every vote counts.

Every vote counts. Absolutely amazing.

By the way, this is blog post 100. Neat.

Faux News Clips about Palin

She didn’t know Africa is a continent? Wow.

A New World

We end the night at the beautiful beginning of a new era, a new world.


Tomorrow will be the first day in this new, much anticipated world. Hope and reason have triumphed, greatly, over negative campaigning, bad decisions, pure idiocracy, and the relinquishment of responsibility by so many right-wing voters who stated that God will decide the direction our nation will go.

God has cast His vote, and apparently He is a DEMOCRAT. So take that. If you happen to be one of those right-wing conservative individuals who, facing imminent and absolute failure of the Republican candidate, left it up to some abstract deity — well, don’t tell me. I don’t want to be disappointed in you. Voting is a serious act, and I feel the duty of every eligible citizen. Don’t trivialize our elections. Keep your God out of my government. Get your ass to the voting booth.

I can’t begin to explain the excitement I feel, knowing that my young son of mixed heritage can enter childhood, adolescence, and finally adulthood truly knowing that he can grow up to be whatever he wants to be, including President of the United States. We have broken the final racial barrier. We have shattered it.

We have shattered it. We have shattered the final racial barrier. We are creating a new world, a better world, for our children to inherit.

The rest of the world may finally look upon our nation without disdain, disappointment, or heavy-handed sarcasm. The people have spoken, and all raise our voices to say YES WE CAN.

We just did.


Exorcism? Really? Yes, Elect Her.

By the way, I hope my sarcasm is tangible.

Barack Roll

I freakin’ love Obama.

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