CrystalMy name is Crystal, the Hippie Diva.

Growing up, my mother made a great number of our day-to-day items. She made beautiful quilts and blankets, adorable and useful kitchen/ household accessories, traditional/cultural and modern clothing, and some fabulous accessories. Her love of crafting was imparted to me, and I am honored to carry on her memory in the work I do.

She tried to teach me her skills when I was young, though I was a stubborn student. I had to do things my way. She finally realized this and let me run off in my own direction. As I grew older and more proficient at my crafts, she shared with me a lot of her tricks of the trade. We spent many, many hours crafting and laughing together. They are times I treasure, and times I will always miss.

To give a handmade gift was to show the recipient how much they were valued, for they were receiving something in which was invested a lot of time, effort, energy, skill, and love. I try to give as many handmade gifts as I can, for I believe what mama knew — that anything was to be treasured if it was handmade. Mama taught me well.

I’m a lifelong Alaskan, and a stay-at-home wife and mother. My brilliant, witty husband provides for us. Our handsome oldest son, JR, was born in the fall of 2006, our gorgeous daughter, Camilla, was born February 2009, and our youngest son, River, was born summer 2010!

I spend my time chasing JR, Mia, and River, crafting, reading, writing, and trying to enjoy everything that life with my little family has to offer.

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