Enter the cat

I haven’t blogged in a while, so I have tons to catch up on.  New posts will trickle in.  First, enter the cat.

Now presenting… Femmer, the Incredible Purr-Monster!

We adopted a one-year-old cat from the animal shelter on Wednesday.  I met him Tuesday evening, but “visiting” hours were over so I could not adopt him until Wednesday.  It was fun, having the whole family meet him before taking him home, because they all fell for him like I did.  And he doesn’t set off my allergies!  At least, not so far as I’ve noticed yet, and I should have noticed something by now if it was going to happen, I think.

He’s social, talkative, a CONSTANT purr-er, playful, not aggressive, and loves to get cracked out on catnip.  He’s my first kitty since I was like 4 or 5, so he’s kind of like my first kitty since I wasn’t primary caregiver of the one I had back then, and we didn’t have that one for long anyway.  Femmer seems SO grateful to be here, adores the kids, tolerates the dog, and loves to purr.  Now that he’s here, it just seems right to have him, like he fits in to our house and our family.

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