A Friend in Need

My friend Benah has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She is a lovely, intelligent, compassionate, funny, kind, fabulous mother of two, and her diagnosis breaks my heart.

She is set to have a double mastectomy next Friday, and chemotherapy is likely on the horizon.

She is participating in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Phoenix, AZ.  You can help her reach her fundraising goal.

Her family is transforming the guest room in their house into a healing & recovery room for her.  I think this is absolutely brilliant.  I’m working on a contribution myself, and will gladly forward on anything that you all care to send to me.  She could use all the positive healing vibes she can get!

Sending you lots of love, Benah!

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  1. I am almost certain I am spelling this incorrectly, but there is a substance found in (I believe) apricot pits called laetrol that is supposed to be an all natural cancer fighting agent. Google it and I am sure it will show up. Good Luck and Godspeed! If I can help, please message me back. I have several breast cancer survivors in my family as well as several women who succumbed to the disease. Tomorrow I go in for my first mammogram so i can relate a little…

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