Yay, autumn!

Yep, fall is my favorite season. Especially in Alaska. The crisp air, the turning leaves, the lack of mosquitoes, the dusting of snow on the mountains signaling the impending winter… I love it all.

JR turned 3 years old. He has glasses now. He looks all grown up, and I get all choked up thinking of the hungry sleepy little newborn he was three years ago.

Camilla is 7 months old. She crawls, pulls to standing/cruising, has six teeth, laughs a lot, and now calls us “mamama” and “bababa” in the sweetest little voice. The kids play great together.

I had a big super secret knitting project I was working on with/for Three Irish Girls. I can’t wait to tell more about it!

Oh, and that’s another thing I love about fall — the handknits. I can break out the fabulous handknits, and my wardrobe grows tremendously from the strappy tank tops I live in during summer months.

We’re getting ready for a vacation to Texas, so my tank tops are going to get a lot more use before they’re solely base layers and pajama tops. I can hardly wait to be in the second-largest state! We’re spending a week at the beach and a week visiting in-laws and friends. I’m so excited about getting all of our kids together! I’m thinking of getting inked while I’m down there.

I’ll post pictures very soon of my family and knitting and vacay and stuff!

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