*This space left intentionally blank.

I’ve been such a bad blogger. Forgive me.

JR is almost three years old! One more month to go. I get kind of weepy when I think about it, so I haven’t given it much thought.

Camilla is almost 6 months old! She has two teeth, with two more pending. She is perilously close to crawling — she gets up on all fours, rocks back and forth, and lunges forward. She just might crawl before her six month mark.

I have about a dozen projects in the works, and can’t help but keep adding to my plate every chance I get. It’s awesome, and so am I.

And we’re moving! No further news on that front, but when I know, well, yeah.

So, tra la la! There’s my mini update. Remember, I am Jack’s smirking revenge.

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