The socks that almost weren’t

And still may not be.

I have been working with this yarn for-freakin’-ever. Seriously. It’s a gorgeous, soft, squishy, lovely Malabrigo sock yarn in Stonechat. I love it. However, it has had an identity crisis over the last couple of weeks. It doesn’t know what kind of sock it wants to become, if a sock at all. It’s been terribly frustrating.

I’ve knit and frogged six different stitch patterns, ultimately ending with a boring 2×2 rib that I’m still not happy with, but I’m tired of frogging and reknitting this yarn. I am beginning to get a bad case of start-itis because of these Stonechat socks. There are no less than 8 sock patterns I want to work on, and a multitude of other projects I’m desperate to cast on, just to relieve me from this damn sock.


That’s right, after all this work and all its time on the needles, I still have not finished one sock. There’s a whole other sock to knit once I get this one done in order for them to be wearable. It may not happen this decade.

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