We ate a late breakfast at IHOP, and PoPo came with us.  JR spent the majority of the meal under the table.  It seems to be his new place to hang out.  I’m certainly not crawling under there with him.  Afterward, we all napped, hard.  Quite nice.

We had dinner at Becca’s — she put on a wonderful spread of chicken enchiladas & rice.  JR had a great time with the boys, and John had a blast playing Wii with them all.

There were a couple of bad-looking accidents on the way out of Helotes.  And holy skunks!  Talk about nasty smells!  I’m so grateful we don’t have to worry about those on our Alaskan highways.  We picked up some stuff at WalMart and HEB, then came back to pass out.

John got MiMi her gift today, and is in the back room assembling it now.  We might do a movie with the S’s later on.

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