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We didn’t do a movie with the S’s yesterday, as it was approaching JR’s naptime and he gets hella cranky.  It was mostly a quiet day; we had lunch with MiMi and PoPo at Lisa’s, did some random shopping, and got to spend some time alone last night.  MiMi and PoPo watched JR for us while we went to Retama Park to bet on some pretty horses.  Don’t worry, we didn’t win a thing.  JR was a bit overexcited to see us when we got back, and as a result stayed up until after 2 am with us.  I also noticed last night that — drum roll please — he has a new tooth!!!  A new molar has finally popped up on his upper right jaw!

Today, we went to an estate sale with PoPo, and picked up a couple of neat items.  I got this pretty silvery stone-covered clutch, JR got some books, and John picked up a statuette by a W.Gregory.  After that, we went to Half Price Books (awesome used bookstore that I wish we had in Alaska).  JR had an impossible time getting down for his nap when we got back.  John and John picked up some dinner for me while I listened to JR scream into his pillow instead of napping.  We hung out here, watched Ice Age for the fifty-millionth time, John set up MiMi’s new computer, then John and I went to Target while JR stayed with PoPo (and MiMi, though I hope MiMi was able to rest since we gave her our cold).

I talked briefly to my brother tonight; any hot available senoritas are welcome to his email address since I can’t bring them back in my suitcase.  Just so you know.  And if you’re a hot available senorita that wants my brother’s email address, just let me know.

Sunday we’re having lunch with the S’s and the A’s in Austin; can’t wait to see you guys!

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