Up and up!

And then we go up!

We leave Thursday night.  Someone want to come pack for me???  Or clean my house so it’s nice and spotless when we come home at the end of the month?

JR is feeling better.  Of course, now that I’ve declared that he’s going to have stuff coming out of every orifice and will spew green stuff like Reagan on The Exorcist.  Leave it to me to tempt fate like that.

I rearranged the living room & bedroom yesterday.  It was simple (and I didn’t overdo it, so calm down) but made a huge impact on the feel of the rooms.  The tv doesn’t feel like the centerpiece of the living room anymore, which makes me happy.  JR’s toys are more prominent, and laid out so much more orderly, and as a result have seen more playtime than they usually do.  He’s even putting them away as he’s done with them, for the most part, which is so much more than he was doing before.  I’m hoping that displaying them more prominently, thereby showing them more respect, inspires him to treat them the same way.  I also moved most of the plastic stuff so that his educational, natural, & wooden toys are seeing the most action.  I think I’ll be slowly transforming our home into a Montessori-style prepared environment for him, as best I can before Milla comes.

I really should be doing more laundry & getting started on packing, but I’m sitting here trying to brainstorm what to make the ladies for our craft swap.  I’m doing a holiday craft swap in Texas with the wives of my husband’s old friends, and I’ve just run out of time to get anything knit or crocheted for them, so I’m drawing a blank.  Think think think.  Maybe channeling Pooh Bear will help me out.  Maybe not.

I had a ton of stuff that I was supposed to get done, craft-wise, before leaving AK, but I just have to suck it up and admit that it’s not getting done.  I’m sorry.  Kalli, Trinity, Karo, Jen — I’m sorry.  I hope you forgive me.

I’m running out of time to get stuff done for MIlla too.  I’m almost 30 weeks along(!!!) and seriously need to get cranking on stuff for her before she gets here.  This pregnancy is going so quickly!

Ok, I need to do the dishes & make lunch.

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  1. Wish I could help you out with packing – OK, not really, but looking forward to seeing y’all soon! Don’t worry about the trade, if it happens – it happens, if it doesn’t – it doesn’t. Que sera, sera! Glad to hear JR is not spewing green stuff and say HI to John.

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