…on Tuesday I felt like a superstar, so I asked John to take me to a clinic.  We got to a walk-in clinic at 2, and he dropped me off so he could go to the bank.  I went in, and they told me they were refusing my insurance, yet I could be seen as a cash patient for a ridiculous sum of money.  I politely told them to screw themselves.  At 3:30, John finally got back.  410 was backed up.  Traffic is that much fun in SA.  We drove to one Gonzaba Med Center, and they told us to go to their walk-in/urgent clinic, right by where we just were.  I waited for a bit over an hour there, but once I was brought back and actually seen by a physician — bam!  Yep, you’ve got a full-blown sinus infection, here’s a prescription, bye-bye.  So awesome (and I got to eat too, which this prego likes).

After going back to the house to retrieve my boy, whom I missed greatly by this point, we stopped at HEB to get my meds, then went across town to drop gifts off to my niece’s kids.  The kids were all fine, and she and I managed to keep it civil for fifteen or twenty minutes.  I don’t know if I could have done much longer than that.

Then we headed out to find a Babies R Us.  There was supposed to be one on Rector St., but we didn’t see it.  We went to the one by Ingram Mall, and I got to go in for like ten or fifteen minutes before they gave the closing bell-get-the-f-out announcement on the PA system.  A quick stop for stuff at HEB, then back to the house.

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, we ate at Jim’s then headed back to the mall to do our shopping for each other.  Yes, we both waited until the last possible moment.  We’re awesome like that.  We’re going to do that every year from now on, it was so much fun.  Seriously, Ingram was insane, yet we were able to get a parking spot fairly quickly.  I didn’t see anything I truly wanted to get him there, and he picked up something for me, but I did find a kick ass pair of jeans that make even my seven-months-pregnant-huge-ass look good so they were worth buying.  Then over to a couple of other stores, and then back to the house where the rest of the family was waiting for us.

We dined quickly, then got to the gift-opening.  Opening gifts with 7 small children and 8 adults can be quite entertaining.  It was great, the stuff we got and gave was all awesome, and everyone had fun.

Late last night we drove around looking at lights.  In Windsor, they have a lighting competition that is just insane — we saw things that must have been visible from outer space, and one house whose lights were synchronized to a low-power radio station they set up playing Christmas music.  Absolutely nuts, but very cool to see.  JR said “wow! wook at dat!” which made it all worth it.

Today, I’m not sure what we’re up to, but Merry Christmas.

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