And we’re off.

Sort of. Almost. Not quite yet.
I’m all packed. Each suitcase is at 50 lbs. We haven’t weighed the duffle, but whatever it’s at is what it’s leaving at because nothing will fit anywhere else.

John left with John the Elder and JR to go to the airport and mail back some of the stuff that just wouldn’t fit. Like the statuette. And the Bevo that we won at Dave and Buster’s Christmas night (by the way, having dinner alone and playing games was awesome).

Yesterday we had exchanged a gift, done some shopping at Babies R Us, got a new prescription for me and my new amoxicillin allergy, ate at Dos Julios (formerly Old San Antonio Cafe, and better under old management), stopped at the S’s to say goodbye, came back to the house, and all passed out. JR’s cold is worse, or sounding worse at least. It’s settled into his chest. Started packing last night, and finished today.

We’ll be driving out of SA later on, headed toward Dallas/Fort Worth. I had wanted to stop at Ikea for some beautiful fabric, but probably will not do so as we have no way to get it back. Bummer. Maybe I can talk someone else into going for me. (Jenn?)

I think we’ve managed to get everything. My head hurts just thinking about 16 hours to get back home.

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