We’re at Holiday Inn Express in Fort Worth. We’ve ordered takeout from Boston’s next door. The dog is hanging at Cara and Mike’s for the night. We’re going back in the morning to pick her up, say our goodbyes to the W’s, then it’s off to the airport for our million-and-one hour adventure back to Alaska. Once we land, we’ll be in -30*F weather in Fairbanks. We’ll have to stop at the grocery store, then drive 100 miles home. John has to go back to work Monday morning. I feel really bad that he’s not going to get a chance to get real sleep until Monday night.

Thirty degrees below zero, Fahrenheit. It might even be colder than that, what with wind chill and all. It was a balmy 80 degrees today. Buffle was basking in the sun in the M’s backyard. Poor furball is in for a shock when she gets home. We are too. I’ve been loving staying in tank tops and flip flops in December, though it’s been really strange spending Christmas without snow and without my mother.

To be honest, it truly hasn’t felt like Christmas at all. I think it may have been easier on me to be down here for the holiday. Mama was always such a big part of Christmas, it feels wrong not to have her here.

It’s been a great trip. It’s gone by really quickly; for having spent 2-1/2 weeks here, I’m not sure where all our time went. I know we spent a lot of damn time just driving.

Every last available bit of room in our luggage is taken up by stuff. I’m sure that I’m forgetting to get something for someone, but I’m sorry: I’ve run out of room. Stupid airline baggage weight restrictions.

Oh well. Time to eat and chill and hopefully sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long long looooooong day.

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