Toy Frenzy

Ok. I think I’m officially in love with the Schleich toy collection.

At Joann’s yesterday, I came across some animal figurines. I got two — a Freisian horse and an elephant — for JR because he loves animals.

Holy amazingness, did they go over well! JR LOVES them!

We just ordered an 8 piece farm life set, and I can’t wait for them to get here!

I’ve just spent a ton of time browsing the Schleich site oogling all the other cool animals they have.

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  1. uhm. are you gonna share a link or what?

  2. Yes! These toys are awesome! Luckily, my BIL works at a toy store so when Kiza sent Fin a dozen of these they made GREAT potty training rewards!

  3. Ok that gives me some Christmas ideas!

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