I have found the sourdough love.

After learning of sourdough’s amazing benefits, I decided to capture some wild yeast (present in the flour and in my kitchen) and made a wild yeast sourdough starter. I think of it like a pet now, which isn’t much of a stretch given that I do have to feed it regularly. And pets should have names, so I’ve named my starter Jack.

My first loaf of sourdough was… not so great. It had a beautiful crust, but the crumb was entirely too dense to be to my liking. It became a bread pudding, and is much better now.

My next was a batch of sourdough cinnamon rolls with homemade icing. YUM. John loved them too.

Then yesterday I decided that I wanted a real sourdough loaf. You know, with the blistered crust and the big telltale holes inside and the delectable tang. Ok, ambitious for a sourdough newbie, but I had to try. I used this recipe to prep my dough, let it ferment, shaped, then proofed. Late last night I baked it. I didn’t use the best baking dish, and the end result sort of cracked around the edges. I let it cool on a rack overnight (it was late, I had to sleep). This morning, with the steel cut oatmeal I had for breakfast (that I let soak overnight, sooo easy), I cut into my loaf.

It slices beautifully. It smells wonderful. It has a mildly blistered crust. It has a stable somewhat springy crumb, dotted with big holes. I lost the first slice to JR. It’s delicious. I’m very proud of myself.

The next time I make a loaf, I might try proofing it overnight.

I encourage all of you to abandon your commercial yeast and make a true sourdough starter today!

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